Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Haul and Update!

How was everyones Christmas and other holidays? I hope they were great!
For now, I'm going to do a haul, no pictures. Pictures will come later, but right now i'm just enoying the last bit of the holidays, so I'm gonna take things easy on myself.
so.. here's what Santa, the fam, and my friends brought me..
-a dell laptop :)
(i didnt get a new camera b/c santa seemed to think a computer was more important than a new camera, which is TOTALLY times ten fine with me)
-ugg classic mini boots in cream
-minnetonka moccasins
-100 dollar gift card to Aerie
-cream colored cable knit boyfriend sweater from Hollister
-camel colored pullover turtleneck sweater from gap
-oversized grey Hollister sweatshirt
-POP Magazine (legit one of the most incredible, but hard to find mags out there)
-indie magazine
-35 dollars in itunes giftcards
-a bunch of candy
-O.P.I nail polish in austin tatious turquoise
-50 dollar gift card to American Eagle
-small silver hoop earings
-glittery mustache earrings
-pink umbrella shaped earrings
-handmade earrings that look JUST LIKE ME (my friend chloe made these and they're EPIC.)
-pale pink rose headband from Icing
-2 liter bottle of fanta soda :P
anndd then there are a few presents I have yet to recieve from certian friends and relatives.. so i will wait in anticipation for those.
but yeah!

I was sick with broncitis and high fevers up to 103 degrees on Christmas, and it wasn't fun. I had to go to an urgent care clinic on Christmas so I could get medicine! But, you know, it was still an amazing Christms. I still have bronchitis, but my fevers have mostly cleared up. I'm getting much better, thank goodness! Anyway, Hopefully, I'll have pictures up soon of the awesome past few days.
And now, i think I'm going to go play Angry Birds on my moms new iPad. Bya ;)


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