Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello! It's Quinn, of course. Spring break was great, and I have some pictures to share...

can you say yummy? i ♥ candy :)

Oh Spring!

I did end up going to the beach, as you can see.

The water was just a bit too chilly, but i still

had a great time!

Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers! so cute..

These sunglasses are my favorite thing ever!

Pretty sunrise..

and here they are again! If you look closely, you can

see i achieved that "beachy, surfer girl" hair I craved..

I wish it was always like that! What is it about wind,

salt water, and sand that make hair look so cool?

I found all of these. all 15 of them. In one day.

I'm immensely proud of myself!

after Easter brunch, which was AMAZING.

had three plates piled high with food. yum.

Anywho, Spring break was great! It was super relaxing. But then i came back to school, and i guess the teachers didn't enjoy their break or something because the past few days they have given soo much homework. Speaking of which, i have a 75 question study guide to do, so i gotta go! bye :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Weeks Worth Of Pictures

I've been drawing alot more latley..
Oranges= my new favorite fruit. I never really realized how yummy they were until recently

I loved the first issue of Lucky Kids! so cute..

Discovered my family's tripod, so now there will be alot more "outfit posts", so to speak.

My mom's new sperrys (first pair of shoes in photo) are really cool, dontcha think?

Anywho, it's Spring break for me, and im absolutley PUMPED! Hopefully i'll be making a trip to the beach. I saw that movie Soul Surfer, and yeah, it had a really powerful, inspiring message, but what really inspired me in that movie is AnnaSophia's beachy hair! (wow, that made me sound really shallow..)

well, toodleoo!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dancing Through Life

It's finally Spring and I'm so happy! My closet has some great new items (Eyelet Rocket Dogs and floral brouges shown above, for example), my friends and I have gotten together a bunch recently, my grades are still all A's, and my school play is a week away! I'm really enjoying life right now... how 'bout you guys? :)