Thursday, July 29, 2010

Making Dresses Out of Sheets.

My sister and i pinned some sheets togethor and created these "dresses". They're hilarious!!!

Anyway, random outfit post!

Agatha De La Prada jacket,
Shirt bought @ Macy's (Lola)
Old Navy Shorts
Random Wallet and braclete, Sister's glasses,
Converse Sneakers

Thes are the coolest glasses ever! I want them

I really love this charm braclete, it's so quirky
and fun!

Well I'm gonna go now, bya! :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Scouting for Sunglasses.

I have alot of sunglasses, but i need more! They're the sorta thing you can never have too many of, like shoes. Anywho, i was randomly searching through online stores, and i found three pairs of sunglasses i really like and want. They're all very affordable too!
I love the shape of these sunglasses!
Super cool and different!
These are so cool... probablly my favorite!

So, maybe i can convince my parents to order a pair! :P hehe! Well, We'll see!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

They're Here..

Hey guys! What's up! Guess what? i got my toys today! eep! here are some pics...
Here's the mr. Potato head labbit without any face on! He's actually pretty cute like this!
These little cuties are so detailed and fun!

Isn't he so cute? i don't have a name for him yet, but i'm thinking boo-boo because he has a band-aid on the back of his head!

This makes me want one of those firecrackers popsicles!


This is actually the lips just turned upside down, but it's a cute pout. It breaks my heart to see a sad labbit!

Yay happy labbit! These lips actually kinda creep me out!

My favorite!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Candy Is Just Dandy

I got some really yummy candy today, thought i'd share them with you...

These candies were my least favorite. They were still good, but in my opinion kinda average.

These were so good, i ate them very quickly!

These guys are so cute... and so delicious. I feel so mean eating them.

Rabdom outfit post!

Target top, Gap Kids skirt, Tarina Tarantino purse,
Hue socks, Impo wedges, random necklace and headband,
Rayban glasses.
Sadly, toys STILL haven't come, but for now, my candy is keeping me distracted so it's all good!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Lost Toys..... Well, More Like The LATE Toys....

Oh my little toys? Where aaarre yoooou? My toys have yet to come. I am so worried. Are they sweaty and cramped in some hot cardboard box? Are they bieng tosseld around? Have they been delieverd to the wrong house? argh!
I'm gonna go drink some rassbery lemonade. Peace.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Photo Shoot Part Five

Juicy blouse, H&M shorts, Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals, Icing headband,
Jill Stuart cross-body purse, random belt and mask.
Kay this is the last one! Haha, fun. ;)

Photo Shoot Part Four

Garnet Hill dress, Simone sandals,
PapaD'anjo Bow (hard to see in the pics)
Haha, the Buddah! I'm so random..

Photo Shoot Part Three

Crewcuts tee, Buckle Skirt, Payless ballet flats, random braclete and tiara, kidrobot labbit.
I don't think i've introduced you to my (well my sister's and i's) Big labbit, Daddy Labbit. He's shy, but was willing to pose in this shoot. how cute is he?

Photo Shoot Part Two

Charolette Ruse romper, Vintage neckalce, Micheal Kors sandals, Pinkheart headband (i think..)
This was really fun, playing dressup. I do it all the time cause it keeps your styling skills up. (Looklet is great, but nothing quite replaces that simple joy of dressing up in real life) .

Photo Shoot Part One

Free People dress, Impo wedges

My lil sis took a bunch of photos of me, sorta like a photo shoot. This is the first outfit of the bunch. :) silly and pointless, but fun!
Oh, and my toys have yet to come in so... yeah. Well bye!