Monday, August 23, 2010

This post is rather scattered, due to the fact i have neglected this blog for like, a week, which i guess isn't that much, but still. This is my second post of the day, so that's a good thing. Anyway, the first topic i'll discuss is the fact i'm getting something major done to my hair on Wednesday... i'm getting lavender highlights! See, i got green highlights awhile ago, but they've basically faded (the picture below is what they looked like the first week or so...

Anywho this girl's hair color is the color i want my streaks... pretty right?

Next topic is my nails. They are incredibly shiny, but are not in as great of shape now as they were when i took the pictures. I held them up to my roberto cavalli angel shoes cause they match them perfectly!!!

oh and they match this piece of hubba bubba
gum as well!

this picture is a perfect depiction
of what i did on sunday: read Artimis Fowl wearing a
straw fedora.

And this last picture is a huge ammount of vintage valentines in great condition. This was at my friend Lexy's house. Her grandmother saved all these Valentines in a box, and they have all stayed in near perfect condition. There were SO many of them, and they looked alot like the fake ones i get and blogged about earlier... except more authentic and awesome.... haha.

Well i gotta run... bye!

A Love For All Things Yummy

Lately, every time i eat something photogenic, I'll grab my camera, and take a picture. I am not a super food junkie, but food can look so cool and somewhat beautiful, i can't help but take pictures. I don't have a super nice camera nor am i around super nice food on a daily basis, but if you photograph it in the right way, all food can look visually appealing.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blah Can't Think Of A Title, Too Dissapionted In Myself.

Well i've been too busy with my life to post or take pictures! argh, i feel so upset! but, here are some good things:
-My friend lexy and i hung out on friday & saturday and took like a gazillion pictures with her family's old camera that takes super cool pictures. it was a photo shoot i guess, but here's the odd part... in each of the pictures, we had stick on mustaches. Turns out, an old camera, some stick on mustaches, and a couple of slightly mad adolescent girls makes for a bunch of great pictures. I might post a few on here later.
-The third book of the hunger games series, Mockingjay, comes out in like two days!
-i have a few posts planned that are actually interesting, and i'll post them when i have time. For now, though , i gotta rush. School tommorow! Bye, and sorry for bieng a super lame blogger!

Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day Of School

Okay. So school started today. Sadly i forgot to take a picture of my outfit, but i have a valid excuse for that. See, i had this outfit planned for awhile (acid wash skinny jeans and a flowy pink crewcuts top) but this morning, while eating some peanut buttter toast, i got a stain on my shirt. So, the outfit was ruined, and i had to go upstairsand plan a new one. By this time, it was nearly time to go. But i found a good outfit after plenty of digging through my closet. I wore a really pretty drapey floral skirt, a white tank top, and a striped cardigan. Of course, i had no time to pose for a picture...
Anywho, though my friends aren't in my classes, all my teachers are really nice, and it's good to be the head of the school this year!
Oh, and i'll take a picture of my outfit tommorow, cause this blog is sorta fashion oriented.
Well, until then, bye!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last Day Of Summer Vacay

Hollister crop top, Abercrombie jeans,
Random belt and bracelets.
Well Summer is over. Today it all ends. I have to go back to school.... ick. But i'm excited sorta. the pics above are what i'm wearing today, i needed this post to be somewhat fashion related.
Anywho, i have to go... i need to deep condition my hair... ciao!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

An Outfit Of Mine, Eating Candy While Reading A Decor Magazine, Labbit With Popcorn On Movie Night, And Cute Moustached Men

My blog post titles have been getting out of control.
Why do i feel the need to state everything in the post
in the title? I don't know, guess cause i'm me. That's
my answer for alot of things in my life....

Giant Shoes, Will Work For Macaroons, Minnie Me, And A Darn Pretty Cupcake

Actually, they aren't giant, just in a doll house.

i'm saving up for some... macaroons are so expensive, ya know?

wore this to the mall yesterday. I got alot of little
girls tugging on thier mommy's shirts saying
"look mom, it's minnie mouse!"

mmm, my friend Dillon had a birthday party today (happy 13th Dillon!)
It was fun and the food was great!
Well, more photos of my life coming up soon.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Been Awhile..

Hey! i forgot about this blog.... well not really. I haven't really done anything exciting latley. I just laze around in comfy clothes, cherishing summer but wanting school. Anyway, I decided tonight that i would dust off my old blog and actually post.
So today was a good day. I went shopping with my mom, and got some great finds that i'm too lazy to list. I can't wait to wear all my finds to school! I go back on August 16th, so excited!
Sorry for this boring post, but i felt i had to write something, yah know?
Bye Bye!