Monday, November 21, 2011

Dear Glasses...

Where to start? Maybe I should start from the beginning..

It was seventh grade. I needed glasses, and I was most definitely not going to settle for a plain ol', black framed, editor type pair. No, I wanted something different, something that would make me stand out.

As soon as I set foot into the fluorescent lit Lenscrafters, I headed for the ray bans. They were chic, right? But both my mother and the annoying sales lady agreed that the black frames just overpowered my small face. so, with a heavy sigh, I placed them back on the rack, and began browsing. I found a pair of thin, light peach colored frames, but that annoying sales lady went at it again

"Now those just disappear, honey. You can't even see them.. no, those just won't do"

I was positively fed up with this sales lady by this point, but my mother, seeing the annoyance on my face, shot me a "You-better-not-say-one-word-or-you-won't-get-a-slushie" look. So instead I just looked at my feet.

"You know," the lady said "You seem like the type of girl who would like something colorful". She led my mother and me to the sunglasses wall. "we can take the sunglasses lenses out of these and put in clear, prescription ones". My eyes instantly went to a green pair of ray ban sunglasses. Those were it. I plucked them off the stand, and looked to my mother for approval.

"Those are super cool!" She smiled. The sales lady took them from my hands and popped out the lenses.

"Here, try 'em on".

I carefully slid the frames on, and looked into the spotted mirror. Yup. They were perfect.

"See, look how darling they look!" the sales lady cooed. I had to admit, no matter how annoying the woman was, she knew her glasses.

"Can I buy them, Mommy?" I asked, smiling. {Yes, i was in 7th grade. I did and still do call my parents "mommy" and "daddy"}

My mom nodded. It was a done deal.

And that's how my glasses came to be.

Green glasses, you gave me sight, but more importantly, you gave me an identity {Yes, this is purposely cheesy.. sort of}. Every time I go out, at least five compliments come my way, all thanks to you. You're timeless, classic. Indestructible. You're a conversation starter. You're a fashion statement. You're a piece of me. I love you, and I never want to get rid of you. Even if I one day get contacts, I still feel as if I will forever be "The girl in the green glasses".
a real post will be coming from me soon.. in the mean time, Happy Thanksgiving!♥

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sparkle Motion♥

so i took these photos a few weeks ago, but i never uploaded them because they didn't really go with the mood of my other fallish posts. basically what i did to create this kooky look is used benefit lipstain {in posie tint} then put nyx glitter on my lips before the lipstain dried. Then on my eyes is covergirl liquid eyeshadow with built in primer.. it's that stuff that's advertised in literally every freaking fashion magazine latley.. hahaha ;)
well, hopefully a new post will be on the way soon.  I took a few self timer pictures yesterday underneath a  really pretty tree with bright orange leaves. I may post those.. we'll see :)