Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Haul and Update!

How was everyones Christmas and other holidays? I hope they were great!
For now, I'm going to do a haul, no pictures. Pictures will come later, but right now i'm just enoying the last bit of the holidays, so I'm gonna take things easy on myself.
so.. here's what Santa, the fam, and my friends brought me..
-a dell laptop :)
(i didnt get a new camera b/c santa seemed to think a computer was more important than a new camera, which is TOTALLY times ten fine with me)
-ugg classic mini boots in cream
-minnetonka moccasins
-100 dollar gift card to Aerie
-cream colored cable knit boyfriend sweater from Hollister
-camel colored pullover turtleneck sweater from gap
-oversized grey Hollister sweatshirt
-POP Magazine (legit one of the most incredible, but hard to find mags out there)
-indie magazine
-35 dollars in itunes giftcards
-a bunch of candy
-O.P.I nail polish in austin tatious turquoise
-50 dollar gift card to American Eagle
-small silver hoop earings
-glittery mustache earrings
-pink umbrella shaped earrings
-handmade earrings that look JUST LIKE ME (my friend chloe made these and they're EPIC.)
-pale pink rose headband from Icing
-2 liter bottle of fanta soda :P
anndd then there are a few presents I have yet to recieve from certian friends and relatives.. so i will wait in anticipation for those.
but yeah!

I was sick with broncitis and high fevers up to 103 degrees on Christmas, and it wasn't fun. I had to go to an urgent care clinic on Christmas so I could get medicine! But, you know, it was still an amazing Christms. I still have bronchitis, but my fevers have mostly cleared up. I'm getting much better, thank goodness! Anyway, Hopefully, I'll have pictures up soon of the awesome past few days.
And now, i think I'm going to go play Angry Birds on my moms new iPad. Bya ;)

Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19th♥

Hey guys! Today may actually be the day that I post twice! I've been playing around with different hairstyles and makeup latley, so I may show some pictures of them today. Alright, so this is an outfit post! I call the look "Bo-ho-ho-holiday"... I know, possible the cheesiest thing you've ever read. I try.

Here's how you do this look: for the braid headband thing, just braid one chunk of hair, and pull it across your head. Pin the tail down, and use either hair gel or hair pins to smooth any bumps down, although it looks better a bit messy.
For the makeup, which you can't see that well in the pictures, is supposed to be really natural. I did a subtle smoky eye using one of my mom's covergirl pallets. Then, I added a little bit of mascara, some Stila bronzer on my cheekbones, and on top of the bronzer, some dark pink Chanel blush.
Later today, or tonight, I may post some more bold, party apropriate looks.

sweater-Element, tank-Gap, shorts-Gap Kids, socks-AE, shoes-I can't find a brand on them.. from t.j.maxx
I am totally overdosing on the Christmas cheer right now. Woot!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

December 17th and 18th♥

Well, we decorated our Christmas tree today! It looks absolutley gorgeous. We basically just hang a hodgepodge of ornaments  all over it... It's always fun to go through all the ornaments, especially the ones we've had since we were little.
Oh, and did you guys notice the new background and header? What are your thoughts? I love it, personally! :)
Ok, now I guess I'll stop blabbering and show you my little collection of pictures from the last two days...

I'm totally loving Christmas break! Hope you guys are enjoying your weekends/breaks too! :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

December 14th, 15th, and 16th♥

Hey! Soo, I know it's been THREE days. Which sucks because I really wanted to post everyday of December. But guess what, everyone? IT'S CHRISTMAS FUDGING BREAK!
We're FINALLY getting our christmas tree tommorrow. Woop!
Okay, so in the past three days, I've disected a frog, disected a pig, and basically turned my room into a messier and less magical version of the elf's workshop at the North Pole. {I've been a busy little bee, wrapping presents and making glittery cards}. But now the stressful week is finally over, and I get two weeks off of school! Ahhh! So now I'm gonna show you lovelies a set of photos I took today!

Dress-Harajuku Mini for Target dress, BCBG belt, Hollister sweater {shown in fourth photo}
I simply CAN'T wait to busy myself with taking pictures and writing stuff on my blog!
Oh, and be on the lookout for some changes on my blog! It'll be getting a little cosmetic surgery, so to speak. {Basically, that was a failed attempt at making "I'm gonna change the background on this blog" sound cute}.
See you guys soon!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 12th and 13♥

Yes, I know, again! I didn't post yesterday! Haha, but I really need to focus on my grades right now since exams are coming up, so excuse me if posting is spotty/low quality.  I don't think my last few posts have been all that great... but that'll change when Christmas break comes! It's so close I can taste it! Ok, enough rambling. Today, I'm showing you guys this /awesome/ thing I got at that Christmas party I went to on Saturday.  We did a gift swap type game, and I ended up with this...
It's a little smores and hot coco set! I think it's adorable. My little sister and I had alot of fun drinking hot coco together in those cute mugs :)
Oh and then these pictures have nothing to do with my winter or Christmas theme I'm doing for December, but I just thought I should share them, mostly because this post needs a bit more substance.

That's right. Be jealous of my Walrus beanie baby. Be very jealous.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 10th and 11th♥

I dont even know whats up with that little pose.. but there's like a bajillon photos of me doing it.
But anyway, Im sorry I didn't post yesterday, but I was out shopping all day. And then I went to a Christmas partayy. And now today I feel awful.. I'm sick. Bleckk, I have a cold.. I don't think I'm going to school tommorrow.  So, yeah. Isn't that sweater pure amazing? It isn't exactly a cheesy sweater, but it has the christmas spirit I was looking for. So it's all good. I got it at American Eagle, btdubbs.

Friday, December 9, 2011

December 9th♥

Well, I apologize for this. Because I know you just really, really want to see a single picture of some reindeer cookies I made a few days ago {with some help from the pillsberry doughboy}. But my throat hurts and I really should get some research done for this project that's due on Monday. On the bright side, tomorrow I'm going to a Christmas party! And I want badly to get a cheesy Christmas sweater for it. Like, I want one that lights up and everything. I will go on a quest for one tomorrow before the party. K bye.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 8th♥

I have a giant load of homework tonight, but I had to post something. So this is a picture from my dad's phone of me in the snow last year :P

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 7th♥

Hello there. It's December 7th, and I'm sooo ready for school to get out. But we've still got a week and two days... le sigh.
Welp, tonight I'm going to list the reasons why I love Christmas. Because I know you totally care. :P

1. It's celebrating Jesus's birthday! :)
2. two. whole. weeks. off. school. ... nuff said.
3. The christmas lights all over buildings and houses
4. The smell of the Christmas tree.
5. Elf. Literally the best movie ever.
6. Presents! Duh!
7. Christmas parties
8. Gingerbread men
9. Tacky Christmas sweaters
10. Hanging out with family and friends
11. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. JK. I've never had chestnuts in my life.
12. Pfeffernusse cookies. They're a family tradition. Never had them? GO BUY THEM NOW. They're delicious and taste like Christmas.
13. Picking out a tree
14. Decorating the tree... probablly the most sentimental part of the holidays for me.
15. Buying gifts for friends
16. That excitement everyone at school has the week before Christmas break
17. Christmas songs. They can be annoying, but you just can't hate them. {unless you're my friend Chloe. And Chloe, if you're reading this, I hope you don't think I'm a creeper for mentioning you on here. Oh and did I ever mention you smell like organic soap? Nope, I'm not a creeper at all.}
18. Christmas eve mass
19. The Polar Express
20. How pretty my house looks when it's decorated♥
21. The Nutcracker
22. Taking our christmas card photos.
23. Getting my Christmas p.j.s {wearin' them now!}
24. Hoping for a white Christmas {we had one last year for the first time in my life and it was magical}
25. A Christmas Story
26. Christmas picture books
27. Hot coco
28. Laying out cookies for Santa
29. Going to the same toy store every year and buying gifts for my sisters
30. The Carol of the Bells, one of my favorite Christmas songs.
31. Throwing reindeer food all around the yard with my little sister
32. The over all anticipation on Christmas Eve.
33. How my sister and I somehow always seem to wake up at the same time on Christmas morning.
34. Going to our parents room, and pretty much dragging them out of bed.
35. Then doing the same with our older sister, and grandparents if they're over.
36. Waiting at the top of the stairs for everyone to get out of bed so we can go downstairs
37. How my dad, every year, walks downstairs first, turns on the video camera, then comes back upstairs and says "Well, Santa didn't come this year... I guess we can go back to bed."
38. Walking downstairs and seeing the tree, and all the presents underneath
39. Opening up presents
40. All the wrapping paper that's left when all the presents have been opened
41. Playing around with my presents all morning
42. The whole family playing whatever new video game/console we get
43. Opening my stocking
44. Calling my friends and comparing gifts
45. Watching Christmas movies
47. Eating christmas cookies, or something else fattening and Holiday-ish
48. Christmas dinner
49. Wishing it would never end
50. Making lists about what I love about Christmas!

I'm gonna go eat my McDonalds like a fatty now. Bya!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 6th♥

Happy Saint Nicholas day! For those of you who haven't heard of Saint Nicholas day, it's the feast day of Saint Nicholas, basically. Some kids receive gifts from "Sinterklaas" {Santa Clause} in shoes that they lay out.. or at least that's what we did when we were little kids. Anyway, every Saint Nicholas day, my sisters and I recieve our Christmas pajamas. It's one of the many Christmas traditions my family has. So, here are the pictures of mine this year!

They're from Aerie and I really love them. :)
see ya tommorrow!

Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5th♥

20 days until Christmas!
I just have two pictures today, and they're of my pretty, sparkly brogues I got on Black Friday. They've got a very holiday-ish vibe to them, don'tcha think? I'm pretty much obsessed with them.

I'm pretty proud of these photos.. they remind me of something you would see in a catalogue.  I adore the warm, wintry feeling they have.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 4th♥

Okay, so today I have some holiday inspiration pictures. I didn't take any of them, they're all off of polyvore. So all rights to their respective owners, or whatever. But yeah these pictures basically show how I want my Christmas to be. I'm actually thinking it may be kinda fun to go to a ski lodge for Christmas now, especially if it's really scenic and stuff.. anyway, check out the pictures and get into that sentimental, Christmastime mood ;)

 Like if the ski lodge looked like that ^, I'd be totally down with staying there for the holidays. plus, skiing sounds like a lot of fun..

Well, that's all. I'll be back tommorrow, with my own pictures, hopefully.