Friday, December 2, 2011

December 2nd♥

Today, I'm going to share with you guys my Christmas wishlist. It's pretty small, because I really only want a few major things. Here they are...

1) Classic mini Uggs in that cream color. I'm not really one to wear preppy stuff like that, but I find these Uggs really cute. I have a pair right now of the Ugg Classic shorts in a dark brown, but they're getting really beat up.

2) a new camera. I'd still like for it to be digital, but just with a much higer MP. I want a really high quality image.. I'm not sure what kind I want, but I guess I'll do some research.

3) A chunky, cable knit sweater in a sand or camel color. I've been obsessed with comfy clothes, and a big sweater is the ultimate comfy piece.

4) Money. That's like an obvious one.

and that's about it! I don't want alot this year.. I just want to be home for Christmas! The rest of my family wants to go skiing, but I really just want to stay home. We'll see.

Oh, and p.s.

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