Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Well.. Hm. Okay so i've been a pretty lame blogger.. sorry bout that. But I've been enjoying summer! Plus, I haven't been feeling very creative or fashionable. So. I guess i'll just post some pictures of myself. All decked out in my bohemian rave makeup. {If you need an explanation, it's that my friend and i celebrated the coming of summer by dressing up, lighting a fire, and burning our school supplies. very us.} But i promise i will get back ontop of blogging soon! My birthday is soon {9 days, infact.. but hey, who's counting?} and i started my blog around my birthday. Another good thing about my birthday is PRESENTS. Hey, someone had to say it. But what I mean is is that gifts lead to blogposts! Ugh. What i need is motivation. Something to actually blog about. Oooh! Like a pair of new printed keds and some stila bronzer *cough cough*. Ok then. I'm going to stop boring you to death. Bye.