Monday, September 5, 2011

A Little Round-Up of Pictures From This Labor Day Weekend♥

Ok guys! Soo this post is shorter than most of my others.. but that's ok :)
These are just a few pictures I took today on Labor Day. It was rainy, so I couldn't be out playing in the pool. So I went to go see a movie with my mom then I came home and took these pictures. Soo yeah. :P

The shirt says it all ;) hahaha

I've noticed my style has been changing a lot. Here's my fashion timeline for the past few years:

sixth grade- It was all about colored skinny jeans and graphic tees. I haunted Hot Topic and was obsessed with being "different"

Seventh grade- I ditched the jeans for high waisted skirts and the red high tops for brogues. I was still into being kinda purposely weird, but it was in a more tasteful and fashionable style. I liked peter pan collared shirts, big bows, etc.

late 8th grade- My style became much more relaxed. I was obsessed with finding the perfectly slouchy white tee shirt, the best comfy sweatshirt, and a great fitting pair of jeans. I think it became more body conscious, ya know? I relized style wasn't just being as weird as possible. Now, in 9th grade, My style is kinda dressy. I wear heels alot, and spend more time on my hair and makeup. It's somewhat trendy, but I put my own spin on things. I'm obsessed with sparkly and dreamy things, but I also love minimalistic things like blazers. I really like looking back on my past fashion obsessions. It's kinda cool to see how much I've changed.

This time last year, i must say, was one of the happiest times of my life. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I was finally doing good in school. Maybe it was the weather. I don't know. But I'm starting to realize how great this part of my life is too. High school is awesome. I love my classes, I love my new friends (and all the old ones who didnt drop me), I love my wardrobe, I love my life! And it's definetly reflecting on my blog. I'm really happy with my recent posts.. And I hope you guys are too :)

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