Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beach Bound!

Hi! So, I realize I've been absent for awhile now, but it's because i've been on two beach trips! I had alot of fun, but I'm so exhausted and ready for school to start. Before I show you the pictures, i just have to say that the pictures are backwards in order. It's from most recent to least recent.. but yeah, anyway, enjoy my pictures!

White chocolate rasberry cupcake!

This was an awesome lunch.

Cookies and cream ice cream on a hot day

My friend Dillon and I! It was her birthday, so she took me to the beach with her and her family! It was loads of fun. Happy Birthday Dilly :)

FUNNEL CAKE. My third favorite food in the world, after popcorn and fried chicken.

Boardwalk food! Yummy :)

My cookie from Strossners ;)

Me with my beachy hair. I love my hair cut because it's the perfect length, color, and ammount of layers for the whole surfer look. Speaking of surfing, i took surfing lessons! It was so much fun, but no one took any good enough pictures. :(

My Diana Mini camera! I love it.

Beautiful sunset.


I love this picture.. I'm very proud of it! ;P

So that's it! soon, i'll post some pictures of some new purchases. I can't take pictures of alll my new clothes, but I'll take some pictures of my favorite pieces. Okay, i gotta go clean my room now! Bye!


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