Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summary Of The Past Week...

Got the highlights! They're so fun.... what do you think? Sometimes changing your hair a bit is all you need to make your whole look seem refreshed and new. A cute new pair of shoes helps too... check out these adorable Dirty Laundry shoes my mom got me!

And then there's these super cool sunglasses...they're not super crazy or flamboyant, but i love their shape! I had been wanting a pair of shades with such a cool frames for awhile so i'm pretty excited about these things!

Now this is just a picture of my toes, in case you've never seen a human foot before :P My toenails are the perfect color for this time of year. They're the color that could be considered summer-ish and fall-ish. i'm surprised they haven't been chipped yet!
And next the book series i'm currently obsessed with... Artemis Fowl! I've been ripping through the series... they are quite intriguing.

And of course i've been busy with school work... it's actually been a really fun year so far!

And this is a little bit of a late update considering i finished it when it had only been out for two days but... OMG.

Bow down to the awesomeness!!!

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  1. He he I saw you Looklet account, I have one two. I love your blog, the photos are so so cool!!!