Friday, September 24, 2010

My Small Life Outside Of School At The Moment

Doughnuts... duh.

Salt and pepper from my popcorn.... (all gone
by then!)

Just playin around after church last Sunday...
Olive Juice dress

Pretty, blue skies!

Finally got my hands on some Macaroons!
They were slightly crumbled cause my dad
Brought them home in his suitcase, but they were still yummy :)

Not much fashion related things in my life right now.
I'd rather spend my precious time outside of school
playing outside, eating junk food, and hanging out with
friends. So anyway, I'm gonna stop apoligizing for
posting sparingly, because I'm not too guilty about it.
I have been working hard in school and I'm proud of myself for not wasting
my life away on the internet. And when it comes to pictures...
i don't think anyone wants to see photos of my math homework or my
school outfits (latley they're nothing more than a graphic tee and some jeans... the horror!)
I don't have many readers anyway, so i'm not letting a ton of people down. I will post on Fridays and any other chance i get.
Well, i've got to go now! Bye!

1 comment:

  1. when i grow up i want to live a life like that: "playing outside, eating junk food, and hanging out with friends".