Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blah Can't Think Of A Title, Too Dissapionted In Myself.

Well i've been too busy with my life to post or take pictures! argh, i feel so upset! but, here are some good things:
-My friend lexy and i hung out on friday & saturday and took like a gazillion pictures with her family's old camera that takes super cool pictures. it was a photo shoot i guess, but here's the odd part... in each of the pictures, we had stick on mustaches. Turns out, an old camera, some stick on mustaches, and a couple of slightly mad adolescent girls makes for a bunch of great pictures. I might post a few on here later.
-The third book of the hunger games series, Mockingjay, comes out in like two days!
-i have a few posts planned that are actually interesting, and i'll post them when i have time. For now, though , i gotta rush. School tommorow! Bye, and sorry for bieng a super lame blogger!

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