Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Toys Coming Soon!

I'm so excited! it's very ironic, you see. I posted about my favorite toys yesterday, and shortly after i posted, my mom offered to get me a few toys from the kidrobot website (thanks mommy! :D) Anyway, these toys will be coming in the mail any day now... i just can't wait for my new friends to arrive! :P

The labbit above is like a Mr. Potato head, you can stick different faces on him like a bubble as if he's blowing a bubble gum bubble, a tounge, a pipe, and others depending on which ones he comes with. The little tofu guys keychain will look super cute on my bookbag which is, shocker, kidrobot. :D lol! And the little octopus squid animal thingy, well i've wanted him for a very long time! Can't wait to introduce them to you when they come!

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