Monday, July 19, 2010

I love toys. I like cute little knick knacks that you can put on shelves and desks to add a little flair. Some of my favorite toys i have are pictured below. (the labbit is from kidrobot, the munny is from urban outfitters, and the windup toys are from some random boutique.)

Anywho, random outfit post!

top-Juicy, bubble shorts-crewcuts,
headband (worn as bowtie)-Urban Outfitters,
Shoes-Keds, Glasses-ralph lauren.
Bya! (and sorry for bieng so brief and boring latley... i'm not feeling very inspired.)

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  1. I LOVE kidrobot... The Labbit is adorable :-)
    + sorry for the very long wait :-( Thanks for your lovely comment!
    panda xx