Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Girl

Hello, my lovely followers! I know, I know, it's been a long time since i posted. But i have a good excuse! I've been on a trip for two weeks. It was a road trip of sorts, and we spent the majority of our time in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. It was really fun, but reeeally long. I'm glad to be home now!
So my birthday was the day before we left, and it was great! I went shopping, opened presents, had dinner at my favorite restaurant, and experimented with my new makeup!Ready for some pictures, dearies?

So that was my awesome birthday cake.. it was orange blossom! Soo yummy.

Birthday outfit! {Gap kids skirt, Pacsun shirt, really old limited too shrug}

This skirt is heaven. I love the modern dance collection at Gap kids! i got this the day it came out :P

This is some of my new makeup i got for my birthday. I'm horrified at myself, but I'm afraid I'm officially a teenager.

Then here we have some yummy deserts from Benoit, which is pretty much one of the best places to get desert in NYC.. gosh, I'm still tasting that lemon tart thing.

Macrons! I had them on three occasions on my trip. Can't get any better than that!

Then some pictures of some Italian food we had. I try not to take pictures of all the foods i eat cause i think it embarrasses my family. So, unfortunately, some of the best food i eat is never captured on camera, for two reasons. One, fancy reseraunts nearly always have dim lighting. And two, it embarrasses my family when we're at some cool place and i start snapping pictures like a tourist.

OMG TIMES A BILLION! This magazine is so frickin hard to find /:(

but my wonderful daddy found it for me so my life is completed. sorta.

Times Square!☻

Takashi Murakami pin i got! Be hypnotized by the utter cuteness.

I got this at the gift shop at MoMA. I swear, that place is me in a store. I would buy everything in there if i could.

This book is soo cute!

Takashi Murakami stickerssss!!!!! ♥♥♥

So i went to the Alexander McQueen exhibit, and it was breathtaking. But it did put me in a sorta philosophical, depressed mood all day... I don't think i could take being a tortured artist.. I'd rather be a happy artist ;P

And then below we have the Scary Girl book! it had absolutley NO words, just a bunch of really detailed pictures, which is defs down my alley. Woah, that made me sound extremley dumb.

Milk cookie! That place is soo yummy. This one is blueberries and cream, or something like that. it was super delicious.

View from the Waldorf, i do believe.

Okay, below is the second best desert i have ever had. It's cereal milk soft serve from Milk. It literally tastes just like the milk left in the bowl after you've eaten cornflakes. IT'S SOO GOOD!

Nutella, chocolate, and banana sammy! This was at the cafe in the MoMA.. It was really good for museum food.

the coolest flowers ever! they remind me of dr. seuss!

And to finish of my kinda boring update, this is my cute little stuffed seal named Bowie, After David Bowie. :)

I'll be posting alot in the next few days to make up for my absence. Toodles!

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