Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello Kitty Etc..

nom nom nom

beware: this post has an overload of hello kitty...
i think i've developed an obsession.
I've started to decorate my hand me down
laptop with tons of stickers ;)

Love this cute eraser hamster thingy..

I've worn these brouges like crazy.. they're
starting to fall apart..

Pretty new nail polish!
Like I was saying.. i'm developing an obsession.

Pretty new latterns i've strung up in my room

So that's it for now... i've noticed my blog is just a big collection of pictures.. but i don't think that's really a bad thing. i love looking at other peoples pictures. Haha.. anyway, hopefully i can start posting more often. Im just always super duper busy..


  1. hello kitty!! i never was a fan, mostly just a fan of her friends, whoa that sentence sounds weird, its like i'm a bully and wanna steal all her friends. ya that was awful...... lol. well i love nutella, its like the endless taste of pure heaveness (ya thats not a word). oh and those eraser hamsters are adoreable my cousin and i used to collect those things. i dunno what happened... sorry my comment is just me rambling. heehee.......


  2. cute blog! I used to be obsessed with hello kitty!

    Also that food looks so good! I just want to have that for lunch right noww