Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy new years guys! What are your resolutions?
Mine is to eat healthier (and looking at the empty box
of godiva truffles and glass of coke in front of me, it isn't working out
too well!). Anyway, here are some pictures i've been wanting to share... enjoy, i guess?

Floral mustache (or is it moustache? idk) either
way, WICKED!

Gap kids shift jumper thingy, Idontrememberwherefrom
peter pan shirt, HOHO LUNCHBOX♥♥♥) I got
the lunchbox at F.A.O Shwarts, and i looove it. It inspired the photo actually.

Turban head wrap thingy im kinda digging...

Gap Hat
I've been wearing this hat like crazy because it's both
stylish and functional. Perfect for playing in the snow :D

These watches are from Mcdonalds kids meals and i love them..
My friend has four of them... so jealous of her XD

Um... I like this picture? IDK... but you cant see my cat ears :(

Anyway, thanks for reading! I'm pretty happy that there are actually a few people reading this blog! ahaha... welll... bya!


  1. Ok I love that at least one other white girl is putting a turban up on her head like some exotic person. I tried the whole turban thing but for one, I don't live anywhere near a hot dry African-ish place, and second, (as I mentioned before) I'm not African, or Indian or exotic AT ALL! Anyway, let's white gals start our own turban type revolution, yes I think so.

  2. I really like that dress and those watches! Do you have a balloon animal?