Sunday, March 11, 2012

Well, well. We have some catching up to do. {code for this is a big sloppy post of twelve billion pictures}

Well hey there! I haven't posted in like a month.. le bad blogger sigh. but! but! I have a bunch of pictures to make up for my absence! oh, and some good news! I got into this art school in my area {i can't really name it because that could encourage stalkers and such}, but it's awesome because I get to spend half of my school day there every day next year, getting better at acting! If you haven't been reading my blog for awhile, or if you don't know me very well, you should know acting is my absolute PASSION, along with fashion, so this is a huge deal for me. Three hours a day devoted to theater! swoon! OK, moving on from stuff you don't care about... picture time!

Sorry, there were a lot of pictures of just like, mah face, which makes me seem awfully vain.. sorry bout that. nobody in my family is willing to be photographed, so I have to photograph myself. It's quite tragic, actually.
bye now

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