Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lots To say!

So... yeah, i've been gone a really long time. The reason for this is that i haven't been on the internetmuch at allll latley. Plus, i'm just so far behind on blogging etc., it's a bit overwhelming to get back with it. Anyway, two weekends ago (yeah, that's how long i've been gone) I did something incredible. You see, my school has this "job shadowing day" thing where you go follow around someone who has a job you'd like to do for a day. I want to be a stylist, which i think i've mentioned a few times on here before. So, my dad, being the very awesome dad that he is, hooked me up with the best job shadowing thing EVER. Ok, so awhile ago, I did a post about how much i loooove J.crew and crewcuts and the way they style their clothes? and how i first started wanting to be a stylist because of them? Well, my dad e-mailed Sarah Clary, the stylist at crewcuts, and asked her if i could go up to New York City and shadow her and she said yes! And it was awesome! I got to watch her put together outfits, i got to meet a bunch of awesome people, and i got a tour of the J.crew offices! It was reaaally cool. Now, i'm too lazy to post the rest of the pictures from my trip, but here are some from job shadowing. :)

Hopefully i'll be feeling more up to posting photos later, ( i would love to post pictures of the clothes i got, the hotel, food, etc), but for now, i'll just leave you with this. bye :)

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