Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hello! It's Quinn and i have lots of pictures to share! I got a haircut (If you know me, you know i love change, especially when it comes to hair!) and i realllly like it! sorry for the stupid picture of it... i was a bit nervous because it was the day of my school play and i was running late! Anyway, I can NOT believe it's Christmas season... its 25 days away! Let the count down begin! :D

This hat=My newest obsession!

I have no idea why i like this picture... but I do...

(Gap sweater, Gap Kids pants, Hot Topic hat,
Pacsun (i think?) scarf, American Eagle Moccasins)


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  2. looks like a fun day, and you are rocking that hat!


    (sorry i deleted my last comment because it was missing letters in my comment!) opps!